Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Health Benefits of Afternoon Nap

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After eating afternoon meal you may want to take nap. But it is not possible in office and if get it we drink one cup of coffee or tea. But do you know that afternoon nap is essential for our body? 

5 Health Benefits of Afternoon Nap

Health Benefits of Afternoon Nap
According to a report by the Washington post, there are less chances of a heart attack who take a afternoon nap. Many diseases can avoid by sleeping and mind become sharp.

Sharp Brain: Several researches showed that afternoon nap increases your brain power, especially of children. Therefore, you must take 10-30 minutes nap in the afternoon.

Reduces Blood Pressure: Many people have high blood pressure problem. But did you know that your afternoon sleep decrease high blood pressure. It is regarded by many patients.

Calm the Nerves
: If you want relief from embarrassing day and soothe your nerves then you must have to take 90 minutes sleep.

Increase Desire: It is believed that too much fatigue weakens your willpower. But if you take an afternoon sleep properly then your will power increase and you will feel good.

Become Alert: There was a research in the US, especially in the military and NASA. After the research they felt that their mental strength of mind increase and they are beginning to be more alert.

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