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What to do in Migraine Disease and what to NOT

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Migraine is a common disease which arises from inflammation of nerves in the brain. The pain so severe that it affects more women than men.

What to do in Migraine Disease and what to NOT

Migraine Disease
Keep these things in mind:

1. The migraine patient should take prescribed medications from the doctor.

2. Migraine patient should take care when weather changes.

3. Avoid homemade medicines or refrain any kind of treatment at home.

4. You should know that sometimes migraine disease is greatly increased so it is necessary to take medical advice.

5. Avoid strong perfume or fragrance.

6. You should take 6-8 hours sleep.

7. You should adopt yoga, meditation and morning walk.

8. You must have to maintain routine. You have to intake your meal on time. Do not avoid meal. Migraine patient must have to avoid fast. Avoid intake of fiber food.

9. Migraine may increase due to stress or anxiety.

10. You must have to keep umbrella with you whenever you go in sunlight.

11. At migraine attack paracetamol and aspirin tablet gives good result. Children below the age of 16 should avoid taking aspirin tablet.

Migraine is a headache. Migraine attacks can occur at any age, but mostly it is start from the age of juvenile. Most of the people are those who have had migraine someone in the family. Migraine pain is very strong. You have severe pain in one half of the head. The person gets unusual shining in the eyes and headache. Staying in medical monitoring and changes in lifestyle can be dealt with by the disease.


Sleep well at night: Try to sleep and wake up every day to regular schedule. People who are sleeping or irregular manner or have changing duties of office they face migraine problem.

Ice Pack: In this case, sleep on the bed and put ice pack on your head and blood vessels until swelling and pain of the head disappear.

Soak Hands in cold water: If you do not want to put ice pack on your head then you can soak your hands in cold water until it has not unbearable. By the time close and open your toes constantly. This is exactly act as the ice pack.

Drink Coffee: A little caffeine can easily beat your headache. According to research, if you intake aspirin and burofin tablet along with coffee then it will surly benefits you in migraine.

Keep your bedroom dark
: Bright or light may affect migraine symptoms. In this case, you must have to sleep in dark bedroom.

Do not skip your meal: If you skip your meal then migraine may come back. Always try to take meal three times in a day.

Stay away from foods that promote migraine: You must make a note what you eat. There are many types of food which promote migraine. Theses food impacts in 30 minute to 12 hours. So if you feel discomfort then you should avoid eating next time.

Avoid canned food: Nowadays canned food and junk food is quite common. They used large amounts of flour. If you have complained of migraine then you should avoid intake of these substances.

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