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Top 5 Skin Diseases - Ayurveda Upay

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The largest visible part of the body is skin. It provides protection other part of the body. It has water, vitamins, oils and other fats that are vital to provide nourishment to the body. The skin is the most sensitive part which gets impact of the summer, winter or any other object. When you wash your hands it becomes dry because the oil removes from it.

Top 5 Skin Diseases - Ayurveda Upay

Skin Diseases
Eczema or Scabies: In medical terms it is known as atopic dermatize. There is rustling in skin and you will get itch every time. Skin becomes inflamed and itchy. The blood drops come out due to itching. If such symptoms appear in the skin you should consult the doctor.

Fatty Lumps: There are lumps of fat on the lower surface of the skin. It is an oily lump. It is not grown much in size but it may occur on face, neck or others parts. Sometimes women also get on genitals. It becomes red and when you press it white slimy part comes out. You have to maintain cleanliness and consult a doctor.

White Stain: It is one type of skin related disorder in which the skin gets spots or rashes. It seems to look like patches on the skin. It regularly spread over the entire body.

Rash with inflammation: It is caused by allergy. Hives may occur due to dust, food, drug or insect bites. Its size and shapes are different. Sometimes these changes take place. But you must show doctor in difficult situation.

Rash or Pimples: Pimple problem is serious problem. Everyone has to pass through the skin disease some time. Adults and teens face this problem too much. Do not burst upon them otherwise you will be stains on the skin. You can use herbal product.

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