Saturday, June 27, 2015

7 Foods That Should NOT be Reheat - They Might Get Poisonous

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You must have heart so many times that nutrients remove from food if you heat it more time. But do you ever heart that it turn into poison. There are many foods which loss their elements if you heat it multiple times.

7 Foods That Should NOT be Reheat - They Might Get Poisonous

Reheat foods
Potato: Potato is beneficial to health. But the potato can kill you if you keep it in the refrigerator for long time and after that you heat it. On heating the nutrients change into toxic elements.

Chicken: It is very common to eat chicken by heating but it would be better if you avoid it. Because the chicken are high in protein which can be turned into toxic when heated after cooling.

Mushroom: Never eat stored mushrooms. This vegetable is very sensitive. It is high in protein which might change into toxin.

Beet: Beet is high in nitrate which is very good for body. But it might turn into poison if you reheat it.

Spinach: It is very dangerous to eat hot spinach. It is very high in nitrate which turns into toxins when you heat. It damages the body.

Egg: The egg becomes poison if it is heated at high temperature. So do not boil stored or boil eggs once again. Your stomach might get disturbed.

Celery: Celery is also similar to spinach. It is also nitrate which is converted into toxic substances when heated.

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