Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Foods That Helps Increasing Memory

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You go to the gym for good body. You go to spa for beautiful spa. But what you can do increase your memory power. We’ll tell you which food can increase your memory power.

Foods That Helps Increasing Memory

Increasing Memory
Tea: Tea contains ten times more antioxidants compared to any fruit or vegetable. It has polyphenols which balance the mind. It calms the mind and helps you to think carefully. Nowadays you can find any types of tea in the market which you can use.

Herb: Rosemary leaves has lots of strength that it also brought back the memory of the last ten years. Its aroma contains carnosic acid which stimulates the muscles of mind. Similarly, jingo and gotu kola plant which is found in Africa. It also increases memory.

Fruit: You can get rid from amnesia by eating red and blue fruits such as apple and blueberries. You must eat them regularly and you will find amazing effect.

Vegetables: To sharpen the brain you must have to include brinjal in your diet. It contains nutrients which help to keep brain tissue healthy. Beet and onion also increase brain power. People who forget things easily they should eat fresh green vegetables. It is very beneficial for them.

Fish: We called fish as a brain food. Because its oil has omega-3 fatty acid which is very beneficial for mind. You cannot compare fish oil with any other oil. Because it contains a nutrient that keeps you younger and increase your memory power.

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