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Best Foods Rich Fiber - Improve Your Digestion

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Fiber is required for proper digestion of food. To make you feel that your stomach is full dietary fiber is required. There may be constipation, hemorrhoids and rise of sugar in cholesterol in blood due to fiber deficiency.

Best Foods Rich Fiber - Improve Your Digestion

Best Foods Rich Fiber
In contrast, the use of excessive amounts may create constipation, diarrhea and dehydration. People who increase the intake of dietary fiber they should also increase water intake.
Maize: Choose fiber rich grains. Choose cereals that contain 4 grams of fiber such as corn etc.

Pulse: You should include high fiber food such as beans, variety of lentils etc.

Fruit: Eat more fruits. You can intake fruits as a snack or dessert and drink fruit juice in limited amount. Eat apples and pear with the skin. Skin contains most fiber.

Fibrous Vegetables: Eat more vegetables. Vegetables are a good source of fiber such as radishes, cabbage etc.

Brown Bread: You can include wheat bread and pasta in your diet.

Dry Fruits: You can also include salad, yogurt, dry fruits and grains in your diet for fiber.

Wheat Flour: You have to use wheat flour in your favorite recipes instead of corn flour.

Brown Rice: You can use brown rice instead of normal rice.

Peas: You can eat boiled or raw peas. A one cup of peas contains 16.3 grams fiber.

Oatmeal: Oats contains beta gluken which is special type of fiber. It reduces the fiber level and increases the body’s immunity.

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