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Ayurvedic Usage of Sankh - Conch

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In India, shell is very important in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is said that it is good to have shell in home. Negative energy does not come in the home. In ayurveda, shell is considered very beneficial.

Ayurvedic Usage of Sankh - Conch

Ayurvedic Usage of Sankh
Tips: Keep the shell filled with water for 2-3 hours. Then the water is beneficial for certain diseases. But the shell gives more benefit if it exquisite.

Skin Disease: Keep filling water in the shell at night and wash your skin with that water in the morning. It heals many skin diseases such as allergy, rash, white spots on the face.

Soft Hair: Keep filling water in the shell at night and mix rose water in it. Wash your hair with this water. By doing this your hair gets natural color. You can also wash your eye brow, mustache and shaving. It makes your hair soft.

Remove Stomach Pain – Indigestion: If you have stomach related problem then you can drink 2 teaspoon of shell water. It relieves stomach pain, indigestion, intestinal problem etc.

Increase eye sight
: Mix overnight shell preserved water and normal water. Wash your eyes with this water. Your vision will be sharp.

Removes Wrinkles: Rub the shell on your face and throat after taking bath. It will give you natural glow.

Dark Circle of Eye: If you have dark circle then rub the shell under your eyes for 5 minutes before going for bed.

Removes Eye Problem: Keep shell water on your palms and dip your eye balls into it. Move your puppets left-right. By doing this you will get relief from dry eye, pus in the eye and other eye problems.

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