Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Avoid Fattening Alcoholic Drinks

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Late night party and intake of more drink make you obese. So if you do not want your belly come out then you should choose drink very carefully. Alcohol does not have fat but its high intake may become you obesity.

Avoid Fattening Alcoholic Drinks

Fattening Alcoholic Drinks
1. Beer: It is said that there is light beer which contains 110 calories. This suggests that every wine is found most calories than beer. People believe that beer fulfills the water scarcity in summer but it makes body dehydrate. Regular beer contains 150-170 calories and 7 gram carbohydrate so the weight increases too much.

2. Champagne: This drink is finding the most fating alcohol after the beer. Caviar and champagne is used in glowing lifestyle but it is not good for health. A one glass contains 90 calories. You should avoid drinking it.

3. Wine: It is true that with age wine becomes good. But if you want to stay healthy for long time then you should avoid wine. It contains 80 calories which increase if you intake it more. You can drink wine as a medicine in little amount.

4. Vodka: This Russian staple drink also harms your health because it contains 55-60 calorie. Vodka contains equal amount of calorie in whiskey. So if you drink its one ‘shot’ then it easily increase your weight and you may become victim of obesity.

5. Creamy Cocktail: If you find cream floating in cocktail then you should avoid it. You must have to avoid which is not clean in looks or it has toppings on it.

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