Saturday, May 2, 2015

6 Reason Why You Shouldn't Skip Breakfast

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Do you have habit of skipping Breakfast? You Shouldn't. Here is 6 reasons why you shouldn't Skip your Breakfast.

Nowadays people have so much work that they cannot keep attention on their food. They ignore their breakfast. But do you know that it is very harmful to avoid breakfast. There are long intervals between dinner and breakfast. So if you do not does breakfast then you may have stomach acidity, gas and low BP. 

6 Reason Why You Shouldn't Skip Breakfast


Harmful for Heart: People who do not have breakfast they have 27% risk of heart attack. The research has been reported that if people do breakfast then heart always remains healthy.

The risk of Diabetes: Those who leave their breakfast they have risk of 54% of type 2 diabetes.

Increased Weight: A study has shown that if you leave breakfast then you’ll be hungrier during the day and it could cause an increase in weight.

Reduction in Mood and Energy: If you do not eat breakfast then your energy level decreases. So your mind does not seem to do any work.

Affects cognitive functioning: Leaving breakfast impacts on your work and so you cannot concentrate on cognitive function.

Migraine: Sugar level falls rapidly by avoiding breakfast. To control the low glucose level hormone is released. This increases the level of blood pressure and it seems to be migraine attacks.

Hair Fall: You do not get proper amount of protein due to avoiding breakfast. So you will lose your hair. So if you want good hair then you should take breakfast.

Decreased Metabolism: If you do not eat breakfast then you will be tired all the time and will not do any work properly.

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