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Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Diabetics - Home Remedies

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Do you have Diabetes? check out Nutrition Tips for Diabetic. It is not necessary that you refrain from eating or avoid tasteless food in diabetes or sugar. You can eat sugar in your favorite food.

Top 10 Nutrition Tips for Diabetics

Nutrition Tips for Diabetic
It is important how you eat, what to eat and how much to eat. A senior registered dietician and diabetics educator from Mumbai, telling you how the sugar develop your diet plan and keep your sugar levels under control.

1. You have to eat such food which has low fat and more fiber.

2. Drink artificially sweetened fluid beverages.

3. If you like sweet drinks then you should drink artificially sweetened beverages.

4. Do not drink sugar beverages such as soda, energy drink, tea or coffee with sugar.

5. If you take juice every day then you should drink only half cup of juice. Try to take it with your meal. You can intake orange, grape, apple and cranberry juice.

6. Avoid sweet substances such as toffee, biscuit, cake, pie etc.

7. Eat three meals a day and eat them at the same time.
8. Avoid or stay away from alcohol.

9. You have to intake half cup of fruit and pasta. You have to eat only 1 slice of bread.

10. Do not buy expensive sugar free products. You should consult your doctor before buying them.

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