Friday, May 8, 2015

Identify Disease with Common Symptoms

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It is very important to know some common symptoms. We only know coughs, colds and fever. Some common symptoms of illness are as follow.

Identify Disease with Common Symptoms

Tightness in Muscle: It is an involuntary and abnormal shrinkage in muscle. If the muscles become tighter then it may become melancholy. This tightness may occur due to stress, medication and exercise.

Dizziness: Dizziness is also known as disorientation in space. It is a state of instability in which the head seems to be some movement. The head would be light and you may have dizziness. Your balance would be disrupted and you may fall.

Asthma: The main symptom of asthma is wheezing breath. The sound coming from the lungs of air from one or more stops. People who have breathing problem they may get wheezing.

Shuddering: It is known as tingling or tinnitus. You feel like stinging pins in your body. It has connection to the functioning of nerves. It may occur due to nerve injury or nerve compression.

Insomnia: It is associated with sleep problems. In this case, people cannot sleep or they sleep too little.

Nausea: There would be uncomfortable situation arises in stomach and head. You may desire to vomit.

Heartburn: Heartburn, It is also uncomfortable situation in which you feel burning in your chest. You may feel burning sensation in the middle of the breast bone.

Hot Flash: It is a sign of red face. You also get sweating. It is symptomatic situation around the menopause.

Gas: You may get irritation due to eructation, stir in the stomach or gas. Many times it occurs due to food.

Fatigue: Fatigue means sluggishness, slothfulness and physical and mental weakness.

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