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Home Remedies to Control Body Heat

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Check out Home Remedies to Control Body Heat. Sometimes you will feel that you get sweat without any reason and your whole body is like heat. These symptoms are the body’s heat. Our body temperature is about 36.9 degrees Celsius. If it is more then there are so many dangers. 

Home Remedies to Control Body Heat

Home Remedies Body Heat
The body temperature can occur for many reasons such as wearing tight clothes, too much exercise, and heavy drugs or spend more time in the sun etc. You should avoid junk food and spicy food because it has much higher oil. You have to avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Pomegranate Juice: Take one glass fresh pomegranate juice mix with almond oil and drink it every day morning.

Cold Water: Take one bucket of cold water and put your legs for 10 minutes in it. This will calm the body heat quickly.

Poppy Seeds: To get good relaxation and maintain normal body temperature you should eat a handful poppy seed before going to bed. Poppy seeds contain opiates so do not consume it more. You should also avoid giving to children.

Fenugreek Seeds: You have to eat a teaspoon fenugreek seeds.

Intake of Cold Milk: Mix one teaspoon of honey in milk and drink it daily to get rid from body heat.

Sandalwood Paste: Mix sandalwood with water or cold milk and apply this paste on your forehead and chest. You can add rose water to get more benefit.

Vitamin C: It is saying that vegetables are very good to maintain body temperature. You should eat lemon, orange, sweet lime etc in summer.

Drink Buttermilk: It is very good to drink buttermilk in summer. It contains probiotic, minerals and vitamins which help to provide energy to your body.

Coconut Water: It naturally balances the body temperature. You should drink a glass of coconut water to hydrate your body.

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