Thursday, May 14, 2015

Exam Special Diet Plan - What to Eat, What to NOT

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Are you having Exam coming? Worried for your health at exam time? check Exam special Diet Plan, At exam time, what you need to eat and what you should avoid.

Exam Special Diet Plan - What to Eat, What to NOT

Every child is in tension before test. They get tired due to a year of study. In this case, if you do not properly take care of their food then their health might be disturbed and they will feel tired and laziness during exam. 

Exam Special Diet Plan

The right diet can contribute to your child’s brain development. During the exam, you should give them right food to avoid tension during exam. It gives peace to mind, active body and remain away from laziness.

What to Eat before Exam

Children should eat a low glycemic index diet so that their blood sugar level does not decrease rapidly and do not fall asleep during exam. They should eat more nutritional food. They can eat dry fruits, fruit juices and cheese vegetable sandwich.

What Should not Eat before the exam

Do not feed such diet by which children fall asleep during exam. They do not get good marks in the exams. Do not feed them sweet things, high diet food and packed food such as packed fruit juice, fruit juice, junk food, pizza, burger, too much fried food like samosa etc.

These type of food damage the brain cells. Children get stress and anxiety in the examination. Children may feel heavy with this food. Children should eat homemade food. Also ask them to drink plenty of water so that their body remains hydrate all the time.

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