Thursday, April 23, 2015

Top 5 Tricks with Amla for Hair Loss

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Do you have Hair Loss and Hair Fall problem? You can solve it with Amla. Amla is the gift that has been given by the nature which heals many diseases of our body. Amla is full of iron and vitamin C. Every person in need of 50 ml grams vitamin C. In this case, if you intake Amla every day then you will get good amount of vitamin C. 

Top 5 Tricks with Amla for Hair Loss

But do you know Amla juice is good for hair, skin and weight. Amla has not only vitamin C but also it has anti-oxidant which prevents hair to premature white. It also stops the hair to be two-faced.

Amla Oil: Putting Amla oil regularly removes dandruff. To make Amla oil at home you can use Amla powder, fenugreek powder and coconut oil. Keep it up on your hair for 15-30 minutes. Keep your head warm towels tied and wash your head with shampoo.

Amla Hair Pack: Take egg, Amla Powder, Shikakai powder and reetha. Make thick pest of eat. Keep it on your head for 30 minutes and wash after it.

Amla Juice: Amla juice gives full advantage to the body. The teeth become strong and blood becomes clean. Juice is acidic so you can add honey in it.

Massage: Blood circulation become faster by doing massage with Amla oil. It also provides peace of mind.

Include in your Diet: You can include Amla juice, pickle, jam and other way in your diet. You should eat daily.

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