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6 Home Remedies of Pneumonia

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Home Remedies of Pneumonia, Pneumonia is not a minor illness. You may often get pneumonia in winter. Pneumonia is caused by inflammation in the lungs. The lungs are filled with water. There are several reasons most notably are bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Besides, pneumonia occurs due to some chemicals and lung injury. 

6 Home Remedies of Pneumonia

Home Remedies of Pneumonia
Bacterial pneumonia can be cured in two to four weeks. In contrast, viral pneumonia takes longer to recover. Originally pneumonia can be known when patient was so ill at the first time. Pneumonia patient should eat plain food and drink plenty of water. Patient should avoid spicy, oily and outside food.

Symptoms of
pneumonia : Pneumonia patient often spit blood. Also skin become blue, nausea, vomiting, behavioral changes, fatigue, loss of appetite, joint and muscle pain, chest pain, fever which reaches 103 to 104 degrees, cold, headache, dry cough, cough with phlegm. Young or newborn babies do not see any particular symptoms. Children may get pneumonia if they look sick.

Home Remedies of Pneumonia:

1. First take medical advice and start the treatment. Let the patient sleep in warm room. He should get fresh air and oxygen. He can drink hot drinks such as tea, hot water, heating fruit juice etc.

2. When there is chest pain then take boil the water and mix clove, basil leaves in it and covered it. Take 5 green basil leaves, 2 small leaf of peeple tree and grind them in half cup of water. Add sugar in it and drink it in morning-evening.

3. Grind 5 green basil leaves, 5 black pepper, and 3 grams sugar together and make a small ball. Take one tablet in the morning and evening with water.

4. Grin 4 small Neem leaves and 2 peeple leaves and grind them and make a small tablet. Take one tablet with water in morning and evening.

5. Grind 3 leaves of basil leaves and take with water. You will get protect from the germs.

6. 5 Adushhi, 3 basil leaves-neem leaves and boil them in cup of water. When it remains ½ filters it and adds sugar in it. Drink it in morning-evening.

Children can drink milk mixed with saffron twice in a day.

Take 25 grams of mustard oil and 5 ginger buds and heat it. Do massage with that oil to the children.

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