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6 Health Benefits of Clove - Home Remedies

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What are health benefits of Colve, Clove is a wonderful spice that has become the drug of many diseases. Many people think that people should eat cloves only when they have mouth smelled but it is not. Skin disease, toothache, respiratory problems, intestinal worms and much other disease can be cured by clove. 

6 Health Benefits of Clove - Home Remedies

Health Benefits of Clove
Clove is not only use as food but also it can be used as tooth paste, soap, perfume. Pain or swelling in the neck can be cured by doing massage with clove mixed mustard oil.

Stomach: Grind the clove and make its powder. Add honey in it. Intake it when you feel vomiting. It can be helpful in stomach pain and vomiting. Boil one cup of water and add 2 cloves in it. When it become cold then drinks it. You will get relief in gas problem.

Cuts: It is an antiseptic. Make the paste of it and apply it on the cuts and wounds. It kills the bacteria and gives you relief.

Arthritis: If you are arthritis patient then you can eat clove and apply its paste on your joint pain. This medicine is very old and runs from the ancient time. The pain immediately goes out when you apply it.

Increase Love: According to research, clove can increase the love in your body. So it is also known as erotic food.

Removes Free Radicals
: You may become old due to free radicals. But you can remove the ageing problem by including clove in your diet. It contains Anthocyanins antioxidant which is very powerful to fight against free radicals.

Toothache: Grind 5 cloves and mix lemon juice in it. You get relief by applying this mixture on your toothache. You can also boil 5 cloves in water and gargling three times in a day. You can apply clove oil on bad tooth as it has antiseptic properties.

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