Sunday, April 26, 2015

6 Health Benefit of Neem Oil

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Neem is a wonderful gift given by nature. Its leaves, seeds, roots, even the oil is also used. Neem oil extracted from the seed can come for our many works. Many medicinal properties are hidden in neem oil so it is good for health. In ayurveda neem is used for several diseases. Neem oil is a light brown color.

6 Health Benefit of Neem Oil

Health Benefit of Neem Oil
Eczema: Neem is full of antiseptic properties which reduce swelling and itching. It fixes dry and damaged skin.

Malaria: Neem oil reduces the larva of disease. Neem oil is a friendly way to control malaria.

Teeth: Neem oil is useful to remove gum inflammation and germs in tooth.

Bacteria Free Property: Neem oil is also used in medicines. You can use the oil to fix the wound and scratch as it is toxic-free which is the treatment of the infection.

Skin Infections: Athletes foot, nail fungus is caused by fungal infections such as skin diseases. Neem contains two compounds gedunin and nibidol which kills the fungus and decreases the infection.

Remove Dandruff: By applying neem oil regularly will head off the problem of dandruff. It also prevents hair from being two faced.

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