Friday, April 24, 2015

3 Day Ayurveda Trick to Improve Digestive System

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Many times we eat more food than needed due to taste. It is difficult to stop ourselves but later we have to regret it. When our stomach cannot digest the food then we face indigestion, hyper acidity, stomach disorder, constipation. Moreover, these problems tend to make us weaker and reduce our energy levels. 

3 Day Ayurveda Trick to Improve Digestive System

Improve Digestive System
Our digestive system runs according to their fixed time limit. Due to the time frame of the day, we get hungry. After eating our digestive system begins its work and sends signal to the brain. If you create obstacles in the process then physical strength of digestive power decreases.

First Day: Start the day with the breakfast and eat the breakfast after the wake up of 1-2 hours. In the afternoon eat homemade food. But do not include chat or alcohol in your diet. Eat breakfast and lunch normally. Eat dinner as per the requirement and eat dinner before 2 hour of going to bed. Drink 2 glass of lukewarm water after the dinner.

Second Day: Before resetting the digestion you should slow down it. You can do it by drinking water. Take walk in morning-evening and drink 3-4 glass of juice. You can drink juice when you get hunger or as per your wish. Drink more water and you can also drink lemon juice. Keep your mind calm and spend your day with lighter work.

Third Day: On the last day of the procedure you need to reset your digestion and this action need to be sent back to its normal functionality. For this you should do breakfast after wake up of 1-2 hours and eat lunch in afternoon. After lunch, directly eat dinner at night. Do not eat between lunch and dinner. Take dinner before 2-3 hours of going to bed. Dinner should be less than the amount of lunch. 

Now your digestion has reached its normal speed. This action will provide you the impression of self-starvation. Taking breakfast after wake up of 1-2 hours, lunch and dinner on time. This rule will maintain the functionality of your digestion. If for some reason your digestion disturb then you can do this procedure once again.

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