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Home Remedies for Bad Breath (Bad Smell from Nose and Mouth)

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Pimpernel is the solution for abdominal cramps, bloating, bad breath, nasal problems, skin diseases and arthritis. Its leaves have hidden medicinal ingredients which not only fight against disease but also erased the effect of poison of snake and dog bites.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath (Bad Smell from Nose and Mouth)

Home Remedies for Bad Breath
About Pimpernel: It is downtrodden and it has every medicinal significance. In many tribal areas it is known as Jigani or Dhabbar. In many parts of India, it is called as Krishna Neil. According to the tribal, the plant is acrid and bitter. Its botanical name is Anagallis arvensis.

Remove Bad Breath: Some people who get bad smell from nose and mouth they should scent leaves of this plant. It cures this problem.

Effective in Swelling, Torsion
: You can get relief in gas or bloating or stomach cramps by applying its plaster on belly.

Fever: If suddenly feel and his teeth become tight then crushed the leaves and keep on his nose. If it is smell by him then his health is fine soon.

Beneficial in Arthritis
: Crushed the whole plant and keep it on arthritis pain. You get relief. If you mixed the juice of its leaves with sesame oil and put it on pain then you get instant relief.

Beneficial with Kerosene in Arthritis: People in rural areas of Rajasthan Pimpernel mixed with kerosene and camphor. It is very beneficial in arthritis.

Skin Disease: Tribal crushed the leaves and adds it in bathing water. They take bath from this water. It is believed that it removes the skin disease.

Helpful in Poison: Tribal of Patalkot says that if the dog has bitten then you should immediately rub the leaves on it. While tribal of Dang, Gujarat, they apply this formula on snake bites. According to this tribal, it cuts the poison.

Helpful in Infections
: The chemical which is found in its leaves are highly effective in preventing infections. Crush the 3-4 leaves and apply it on affected organs, you will get relief.

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