Thursday, March 12, 2015

10 Health Benefits of Garlic

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Do you love to Eat Garlic? If you Don't Like to eat Garlic, here is some Health Benefits of Garlic, why you should eat Garlic and their health benefits.

10 Health Benefits of Garlic

1. The whole mess of the body comes out from the skin by drinking garlic juice.

2. Garlic is very good for heart patients. It has sulfide which reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol and prevents heart attacks and blockages.

3. If you are diabetic you should eat garlic every day. This herb increases insulin levels in the blood which is good for health.

4. It has allesin which fights against infection. It has anti-fungal which prevents body from infection and produces antibodies.

5. Garlic increases body resistance power. Boil garlic until they become soft then mix vinegar in it. Also add small sugar. It is panacea for asthma patients.

6. If you have an ear infection or pain put 2-3 hot drops of garlic oil. The antioxidant kills the bacteria and removes wax from it.

7. Garlic makes blood circulation better. It makes even the best skin and removes dirt from the body.

8. It helps to fix the tightness of the lungs, loose the respiratory tract mucus (mucus) and prevents winter colds.

9. To strengthen your digestive system you should eat garlic after your meal. When you eat meat or food which has fat you should it. It will definitely help you.

10. If you have cold and heat then crush the garlic and get heated. Eat the paste and you will get relief in cold-winter.

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