Tuesday, March 10, 2015

12 Health Benefits of NOT Eating Salt

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You may get feel some changes in your body if you avoid eating salt for a week. You should avoid eating salt after certain age. It keeps pressure of body in control. Blood pressure increase by taking salt which is not good after certain age.

12 Health Benefits of NOT Eating Salt

Health Benefits of NOT Eating Salt
It keeps your body balanced: Eating too much salt imbalance the body. You can see change in your body if you do not eat salt for a week. It keeps you healthy.

Keeps body Hydrated: You may have dehydration if you include salt in your diet. If you want to remain fit in summer then you can remove salt from your diet.

Weight Loss: An advantage of not eating salt that it is helpful in reducing fat quickly. Those who do not eat salt they can lose weight easily.

More energy: Though it may seem strange but you may feel active and agile if you do not eat salt. This is another benefit of not eating salt.

Reducing blood pressure: You blood pressure remains stable if you intake or avoid salt. It also removes stress from your body.

It keeps you away from diseases: Avoiding salt prevents you from cancer. Experts says you may have stomach cancer, kidney-related disease and other disorder of the stomach if you intake more salt.

Kills your taste buds: Over time, salt kills your taste buds. You should intake fruit and vegetable to prevent this. Vegetables and fruits are beneficial for health.

Keeps away from heart attack:
Salt is a major cause of heart attack. When you do not eat salt in your diet, your blood is normal, it keeps your brain active, which decreases the chance of a heart attack.

Helpful in keeping bones healthy: If you consume too much salt then calcium deteriorates from your bones. It may cause osteoporosis and it is not good for health. Your age of life increase by avoiding salt. Older people should stop taking salt.

Diabetes: Blood pressure may increase by taking salt. It may cause diabetes. It is also a reason that you do not eat salt for a week.

Helpful in reducing inflammation: Sometime you may feel swelling in the body. It occurs due to the consumption of salt. You do not have inflammation problem if you avoid salt.

Kidney Problems: If you eat too much salt then your pressure increase which affects your kidney and it removes calcium from it and cause stone. In this case, you should avoid eating salt for a week.

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