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Symptoms and Home Remedies of Colitis

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Colitis is a common disease of small abdominal swelling or inflammation in the large intestine. Patient has stomach cramps, diarrhea, persistent diarrhea, weight loss and insomnia.

Symptoms and Home Remedies of Colitis

One should never neglect the disease and should contact the doctor immediately. Colitis is also called as ulcerative colitis. The disease can occur quickly and can take years.

Colitis mostly occurs due to bacteria, viruses or parasites from encroachment. In this disease, you should only eat homemade clean food. You must have to eat wash and well cooked vegetables. Do not eat the salad and high fiber vegetables. Many symptoms of colitis come up, let us know their symptoms.

Incontinence bowel: Patient may have severe diarrhea more than 5 times in a day. The patient may have water or bloody diarrhea.

Fever: The patient is increasingly feeling of warmth. Fever may be over 38.5 ° C.

Lack of water in the body: In this disease the patient is advised to drink large volumes of water. If the condition is severe the patient should drink glucose. Lack of water can be seen mostly in elders and children.

Disease cannot be cure: Continued weight loss, anemia, nutritional disorders, weakness and chronic hepatitis etc. disease remain forever and never can be cured.

Blood comes in stool: When the disease is confined to the rectum then the intensity of the disease is high. Blood goes in the stool, pain in the rectum, anus and the urgency of defecation etc. pain occur.

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