Thursday, February 12, 2015

Side Effects of Eating Ginger A lot

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You like to eat Ginger a lot? Thing again before eating a lot, here is some side effects of eating ginger a lot. check it out in ayurveda upay.

Side Effects of Eating Ginger A lot

side effects of ginger
Ginger is very good for our health. It is very helpful to get rid of many diseases of the stomach. But intake of more ginger may impact our health. According to a research’s report, you may have stomach and throat burning due intake of more ginger.

Intake of more ginger during pregnancy may affect the sex of the fetus. There are also reports that woman may have abortion due to high intake of ginger. However, the study also found that ginger is beneficial for pregnant women to prevent vomiting in the morning and it won’t have side effects on baby.

Pregnant women should not eat more than 1 or 3 percent of ginger. Intake of more ginger may create bleeding during pregnancy. Many experts believe that pregnant women should avoid ginger during delivery time.

Ginger’s impressive effect slows blood clotting. It also slows the blood glucose levels. If diabetic patient take ginger along with medicine then their blood levels decreases dangerously. So you should always eat ginger in limited amount.

You may have sleeplessness due to intake of big part of ginger. If you have more bleeding problem then you should avoid eating too much ginger. There is a safety limit of eating ginger. If you eat 2 grams of ginger every day then it is good for your health. You may have acid problem due to high intake of ginger.

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