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Low Calories Foods for Over Weight People

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Girls who are overweight than others they have to suffer more physical problems. Overweight girls should improve their diet and fitness routine. Also they should give importance to low-calorie diet.

Low Calories Foods for Over Weight People

Low Calories Foods
We will let you know some food which has low calorie diets containing only fiber, protein, vitamins and plenty of water. By eating this metabolism will increase in your body and you will perform better in the gym. You must have to drink more than 2 litter water in addition of this low-calorie food so the dirt goes out with the fat. Let us know low-calorie diet for overweight girls.

Tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes have only 10 calories so you should add it into your salad.

Watermelon: Overweight girls can eat 28 grams watermelon which has only 9 calories.

Cucumber: Cucumbers have found a lot of water which fills the stomach.

Lettuce: Lettuce leaves have lot of water and fiber. The toxins go out from the body by taking it. It is also an antioxidant

Spinach: Spinach has vitamins, protein and fiber so you do not get fat at all. Metabolism in the body increases by taking it.

Celery: It has lot of nourishes and nominal calories. It is good for overweight girls.

Cauliflower: It has no fat at all. It is full of vitamin C.

Capsicum: It will burn your calories. Over-weight girls should eat it because it has only 4.5 calories.

Strawberry: It contains lot of water which fills the stomach.

Orange: It contains a lot of vitamin C which is considered good for overweight girls. It gives energy and increases their strength.

Buttermilk: You must drink a glass of buttermilk after the dinner/lunch. The stomach remains fine. You must have to drink buttermilk throughout the day if you drink less water.

Ragi Dosa: Eat Ragi Dosa in breakfast. Ragi has very low calories and it is very healthy compared to other Dosa.

Oates: You should eat a bowl with milk and oats. You can eat oats or oatmeal idli.

Rayata: Whenever you are hungry eat Rayata of tomato and cucumber. It fills the stomach and gives nutrition.

Dhokla: Dhokla is very low calorie diet. It has only 22 calories.

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