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10 Health Benefits of Lady Finger

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It is called as ladies finger in English. Its botanical name is Abelmoschus esculentus. Okra is one of the highly popular vegetable which is grown in fields and houses. Often people see it as a vegetable but in tribal areas it is used for the treatment of many diseases. Let us know the benefits of okra. It is very beneficial for those who want to reduce the weight. Chewing raw okra in morning-evening is very beneficial in reducing weight.

10 Health Benefits of Lady Finger

Health Benefits of Lady Finger
Helpful in weight loss: Half fry lady finger is perfect for those who want to reduce the weight. Chewing raw lady finger morning-evening reduce the weight.

Gives protein: Seeds are collected and dried them. The powder is feed to babies. It is believed that these seeds are good for protein and perfect for health. These seeds work as tonic.

Gives rest in jaundice, fever: Keep half cut lay finger (about 5), lemon juice (half a teaspoon), pomegranate and leaves of amla (5 grams) in 1 glass of water for night. Grind all the mixture in the morning use it for 7 days twice a day. According to herbal experts jaundice is controlled in a week.

Use as tonic: According to tribal chewing raw lady finger increase the volume of semen and sperm. It is tonic in nature.

Beneficial for diabetic patients: Diabetic people should eat raw lady finger. According to tribal of Dang, Gujarat, fresh green lady finger affects more. You can also get benefit by eating raw washed lady finger.

Advantage of okra seeds: Diabetic patient should make okra seed powder (5 gram), cardamom (5 gram), cinnamon powder (3 gram) and black pepper (5 pieces) by grinding them and take it thrice in a day with lukewarm water. It rapidly gives benefits.

Control diabetes: In some areas, the cut ends of ladyfingers dipped in water for overnight and consumed in the morning with empty stomach. After filtering the remaining parts of the okra should be thrown. It is believed that it is an effective way to control diabetes.

Remove stains from the face: Take about 4-5 okra and cut into small pieces and grind with water. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it to be dry. Wash it after 10 minutes with clean water. This is helpful in removing stains from the face.

Removes physical weakness: According to herbal experts (Patalkot), men should be advised to chew raw okra to remove physical weakness.

Beneficial for the Syphilis patient: Dang, Gujarat tribal herbal experts gives juice of okra to syphilis patients. Cut 50 grams okra into small pieces and mixed 200 ml water in it. Boil it and when it remains half then give it to patient. Patient gets relief by taking this mixture for one month.

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