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10 Health Benefits of Calotropis

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The shape of betel leaf is heart shape which most people prefer to eat putting tobacco-nut or gilori. You may be like to eat betel leaf after your meal but do you know there are many health benefits? If you find out that you can control obesity by eating betel leaf then what would you say.

10 Health Benefits of Calotropis

Health Benefits of Calotropis
Yes, eat betel leaves with black pepper then it will reduce obesity in 8 weeks. Let us check how it works.

Betel leaves have many powerful properties and it is known for the appropriate digestion. In one study it is found that betel leaves increase body’s metabolism and prevents stomach acidity.

After eating the food when you put betel leaf in your mouth it immediately begins to show its effects. It seems to be saliva in the mouth and sends the signal to the brain to digest the food. It is also helpful in removing toxins from the body. You do not have constipation by eating betel leaf. According to Ayurveda, betel leaves removes body’s fat so the weight reduces.

In the morning, after breakfast takes betel leaf with black pepper so your appetite increases. It is caused by uginoil organisms. You can get good sleep by eating betel leaf mixed with salt and thyme.

On the other hand, black pepper has peppering and phytonutrients which breakdown the fat. Peppering element plays important role in the digestion. Black pepper removes urine and sweat from the body so highly water and dirt goes out.

How to use:

Take a betel leaf and keep 5 whole black pepper. Turn it on and chew it. Eat it with empty stomach daily for 8 weeks. You feel it spicy. Eat slowly so all the nutrition will go in your body with saliva.


Betel leaf should be fresh. It should be green and delicate. If it has become dry and yellow then do not eat it as the medicinal value is lost. Also rotten leaf whose color is blackish does not eat it. You may have stomach problem.

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