Thursday, February 19, 2015

8 Foods with Carbs you should Eat for Healthy Life

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Carbohydrates are the necessary fuel for our body. Therefore it is important that we should eat such food which has its high amount. A person prevents himself from several diseases by including it in his diet. It helps to digest food and health persists.

8 Foods with Carbs you should Eat for Healthy Life

Foods with Carbs
Today we are going to tell you eight diets which are high in carbohydrates.

Popcorn is best diet for health. To avoid fat and sodium you should eat air popped popcorn. A one cup of popcorn has 31 calories and 6 gram carbohydrates.

A single banana is enough to give the energy to the body. It has fiber, vitamin B-5 and natural sugar which is helpful in keeping right hundred different functions of the body.

Beans provide fiber and protein to the body. It keeps a person weight balanced.

Strawberries provide vitamins, anti-oxidant and fiber to the body. A cup of blueberries contains 84 calories. Your body get relief whole week once you eat.

Heath remains good by taking oats. It has fiber which keeps the heart healthy and controls the cholesterol.

Quinoa (grain crops) has the protein. The food which is made by it gives you amino acid.

Squash has low sugar and high fiber. A cup of cooked squash cubes has nearly 6 grams fiber.

Potato is the best source of fiber. It has vitamin C, protein and potassium which are beneficial to health.

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