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Diet Changes Helps in Concentration

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During examinations food cannot be ignored by children. Usually it is seen that children eat junk food and drink several cups of coffee to wake up and affect their health.

Diet Changes Helps in Concentration

Diet Changes
Heavy and start eating healthy: Oats, muesli, upma, idli etc. are good choices because they are low in glycemic index which is prone to constant supply of glucose.

Eat in few minutes: Eat bit more in few minutes which gives you nutrition. It keeps them alert and aware. Fresh fruit, fruit smoothies, dry fruit, honey, nuts soups and salads etc. are good options.

Include protein in food: Carbohydrates digested easily while protein gives continuous power. Tyrosine increase by eating protein rich food such as egg, poha, idli, Dosa, Dhokla etc. It creates chemicals in the body and children remain alert and aware.

Keep the hydrated: When children sit in the room and especially sit comfortably in AC room then they feel less thirsty and they drink less water. It creates dehydration. The body and mind become restless. They are not able to concentrate on studies. If they do not like to drink more water then they can drink fresh fruit juices, lemonade, buttermilk or green tea.

Do not drink much coffee: Due to intake of more coffee, energy drink, cold drink reduces their sirasidin and they cannot sleep properly.

Do not drink too much sugar substance: Blood sugar level rises suddenly by taking chocolate, cookies etc. Stomach becomes empty after a while then you may wish to eat junk food.

Note that they have a stress-free food: In examination’s stressful time body needs soluble vitamins such as vitamin B complex and vitamin C, zinc. These increase adrenal hormone synthesis which is helpful in fighting stress. You can take brown rice, nuts, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Give them food so brain work: Vitamin A, C and E helps to fight in stress and reduce damage to brain cells. You can take eggs, fish, carrots, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. It also increases the body's resistance and child will have less sick during the examination.

Include food which enhances memory:
Omega 3 fatty acid found in fish is good for the mind and it increase memory. It is advisable to eat fish twice in a week. If you cannot eat fish or fish are not good around you then you can eat linseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame, soybean oil etc. Omega 3 fatty acid is also available.

Do not eat outside during exams: During exam time stress is high and immunity is less which increase the risk of infection in children. Do not eat outside as much as possible. If children are willing to eat then you should eat in good restaurant.

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