Sunday, January 25, 2015

Side Effects of Skipping Meals - Home Remedies

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Today, most of the people leave their food. No matter whether they go to the office or stay at home, not eating food has become part of their routine values. They do not do breakfast if they are getting late for office, do not eat on time if they are on dieting and if they do not become hungry on lunch time then also they do not eat.

Side Effects of Skipping Meals

Side Effects of Skipping Meals
You may have to face a thousand diseases if you do not eat. If you do not eat then your body will not be able to do any work properly.

Changes in hormones: When you start skipping your meal then changes will occur in hormones. Your cortisol increases which causes stress. Your insulin level increases so blood sugar problem and the problem of obesity begin.

Digestive Problems: When your food is irregular it also affects your stomach. If you want a good digestive system then you must have to eat three times a day at the right time.

Fatigue: Metabolism becomes weak by leaving meal. It makes you tired all the time. Your meal has energy which gives you some amount of calories.

You become moody: Changes in hormones occurs if you do not eat food. And it affects your mood. People become angry when they are hungry.

Overeating: When you starve your body all day then your body demands lot of food. You will eat more than appetite because natural hormones, that signal the brain, turns slow due to not getting food.

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