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Hot or Cold Water Bath in Winter? Which is Best?

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Taking bath with hot water is very relaxing when you come from the office. The blood flow in the body becomes good so you get relaxation from muscle pain. Taking bath from cold water is not so comfortable than hot water. But we have other type of advantages by taking bath from cold water.

Hot or Cold Water Bath in Winter? Which is Best?

Hot or Cold Water Bath in Winter
The cold water bath is known as cryotherapy. It is often done by athletes. But when you thing that you need to relax a bit then you must have to take bath from hot water. One should know the good and bad effects of cold and hot water bath in winter.

Cold water alerts: When it comes to take shower with cold water then it has its own advantages. Cold water makes you alert. Sleep goes away and you become active by taking bath from cold water.

Beneficial for the skin: Hair and skin becomes dry in winter. It became drier by taking bath from hot water. To avoid this you can take bath from cold water. The pores are closed and moisture retains.

Immunity and circulation: Your immune system should work well in winter it it’s not then you will get cold in winter. Cold water bath helps to maintain blood flow in the body and immune system remains good.

Muscle pain: You may have pain in muscles in winter. In this condition cold water bath gives you benefit.

Relieve stress: The study shows that uric acid is reduced by taking shower from cold water. Also, the amount of antioxidants increases.

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