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10+ Health Tips for Strong Bones

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It is important to have strong bones for fit body. We should know what and how we eat in a day. Because it is necessary to have right diet and nutrition for the body’s energy level. Today we are giving you tips to build strong bones so that your body not only becomes stronger from the inside but also from outside.

10+ Health Tips for Strong Bones

Health Tips for Strong Bones
Use less salt: Salt deprive the calcium from the body. Too much salt removes calcium from urine. According to doctors, salt is essential for bones as it has iodine which gives strength to our bones. But bones become sore by taking too much salt. Therefore, you should reduce the intake of salt in your diet for strength of your bones.

Important of Vitamin D for strong bones
: Calcium plus vitamin D is essential for strong bones. You can get adequate of vitamin D in eggs. Vitamin D is found in the yolk.

Good amount of calcium: Calcium is vital nutrient to keep your bones healthy and strong. Milk is one of the best sources of calcium. Two glasses of skim, low fat and cream is adequate supplements of calcium requirement. Yogurt and cheese is very good lactose intolerant people.

Omega-3 fatty acids: Small fish bones and flesh provides lot nutrition for bones. Sardines and salmon are two best fish which provide an array of nutrients to strengthen bones. They are high and calcium as well as vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acid. This fish keeps bones strong.

Eat dry fruits in breakfast: Healthy snacks can improve your bone health in many ways. Peanuts and almonds are rich in protein and helps in bone-building. In addition, walnut and flaxseed has omega-3 fatty acid which helps to strengthen the bones.

Potassium for strong bones: Potassium does not contribute directly to support bone health but it helps to remove waste cells. Potassium is known for removal of calcium neutralizes acid. Food such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes (with skin), yogurt and bananas help to strengthen bone.

To daily exercise and yoga: The list of benefits is long by bone health for exercise. Rope jumping, walking, running, skiing and stair climbing are the bone boosting exercises. In addition, regular exercise lowers the risk of osteoporosis.

Drink less tea, coffee: Two cups of coffee a day is fine but large amounts of caffeine absorb calcium and affect the body’s ability. Therefore, people who do not take daily requirements of calcium, caffeine consumption may affect their bone. Enjoy coffee in moderation.

Sunlight is also necessary: Sunlight helps the body to produce vitamin D without which our body cannot properly absorb the calcium from foods. You must have to get up early in the morning and spend 10 minutes in the sunlight. This will increase your vitamin D levels in the body.

Do not smoke: According to several studies, smoking prevents the body to absorb the calcium. Thus, it causes a decrease in bone mass and density. You must have to avoid this habit not only for bones but also for lungs and heart disease.

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