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10+ Health Benefits of Khajoor (Dates)

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It is advisable to eat dry fruits in winter. Hot things can be eaten in winter to avoid cold in winter and date is hot. Date and dry date is the result of the same tree. The effect of both is warm and they keep body healthy and play an important role in strengthening. Date has plentiful calcium. Today we tell you the advantages of eating date and dry date.

10+ Health Benefits of Khajoor (Dates) 

Health Benefits of Khajoor
1. It usefulness increases in winter as it has heating effect.

2. Date is more nutrition than dry date. Date is available in winter.

3. If the appetite is good then it is profitable to eat date.

4. You can eat dry date whole year as it is available in the market whole year.

5. Dry date provides strength to the stomach.

6. Dry date has heating effect and it gives relaxation in pulse pain.

7. Dry date considers in dried fruits which made body robust. Dry date is used along with dry fruits to get strength.

8. Dry date and date provides power to the heart. It increases the blood in the body.

9. This gives benefit to particularly sciatica people. Mucus from the lung of patients with asthma slips easily.

10. Date helps in removing paralysis and chest pain.

11. Remove the pulp of dry date and cook in milk to increase appetite. Grind it after cooking for a while. This milk is very nutritious. It increases appetite and food is digested.

12. Leucorrhoea disease is a serious disease in women. Grind the kernels of dry date in ghee and eat it with gopi chandan. Keep dry date in water. Mash by hand when they thaw. Use the water for a few days it will remove the physical irritation.

13. If you are thin and want to increase weight then dry date is very good for you. But if you are fat then you should eat it carefully.

14. If you are suffering from cold then add 5 pieces of date in milk. 5 piece of black pepper, 1 piece elaichi and boil it properly. Add one teaspoon ghee in it and drink it in night. Cold and cough remove absolutely.

15. Eat 2 dry dates morning-evening if you have asthma. It gets rid of from cough and cold.

16. If you have wound then depreciated the kernel of the dry date with stone and apply it on wound. The wound will heal quickly.

17. If you are bothered by the problem of premature ejaculation then dry date will help you to get rid of the problem. Chew 2 dry date in the morning with empty stomach. Eat 3 dry dates from the third week and 4 dry dates from the 4 to 12 weeks in the morning. This will solve the problem.

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