Friday, January 23, 2015

5+ Health Benefits of Eating Poha

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Poha is a common dish which we mostly prefer to eat as snacks. The recipe of poha is made with cornflakes which has many health benefits of eating. Cornflakes are consumed not only in the North India but also every part of India. You can also use vegetables while preparing it. People who are on weight loss diet they also consumed poha regularly and reduce weight. Let us know the health benefits of eating poha.

5+ Health Benefits of Poha

Health Benefits of Poha
It is easy digestible: It is easily digested in the body so it must be eaten in breakfast. Stomach never seems overwhelming by eating it.

Full of Energy: Your breakfast must be healthy and full of energy. If you have wanted to be full of energy till lunch time then you must have to eat poha.

It has Iron: Cornflakes has lot of iron. In other words, it fulfills the scarcity of iron in the body. Pregnant women and small children can eat regularly. Poha definitely should eat to increase hemoglobin in the body.

Full of carbohydrates: You can depend on cornflakes for carbohydrates. You cannot do your daily work if carbohydrates are not in the right amount in the body. Cornflakes have a lot of fiber.

Full of nutrition: You ca use plenty of vegetables while making cornflakes. It has lot of vitamins and minerals. You can make it tasty by adding peanuts and sprouts. Many people also add eggs to fill nutrition.

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