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10 Health Benefits of Latjeera Or Prickly Chaff Flower

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We have classified plants according to our convenience. We use some plant as vegetables, some as grains, some as forest estates and some medicinal. Rough chaff tree is a plant that is commonly seen as a weed and we throw uprooted.

The botanical name of rough chaff tree is Achyranthes aspera. It has one to three feet height and on the upper part of the plant it has cumin seeds which are stuck on pants and saris. It is considered as weeds in farming but it is very important medicinal plant for aboriginals.

10 Health Benefits of Latjeera Or Prickly Chaff Flower


1.    Take rough chaff tree seeds and boiled in water. Drink this juice after 2-3 hours after a meal and you will get relief in lever problem.

2.    It is extremely beneficial to take rough chaff tree’ leaves juice in cold and cough. According to aborigines if you take two to three time per day then it heals chronic cough.

3.    According to aborigines, use rough chaff tree root mixed with milk. If woman drink during menstruation then she leads to the child.

4.    It is believed that the roasted rough chaff tree seeds in a clay pot solves your appetite and helps in weight loss.

5.    Crushed trunk rough chaff tree and mixed with 2-5 leaves of custard apple. Apply this mixture into the wound and you get relief. According to modern science tannin chemical is important to dry wound and rough chaff tree, custard apple and Katha.

6.    Bleeding occurs on a wound or injury. Apply juice of rough chaff tree on this wound and it will heal.

7.    Take 1 teaspoon of Harade or powder of baheda flower. Mixed with 50 grams juice of parval. Weight rapidly decreases and physical fatigue also reduces.

8.    Take 250 gram chichida juice, 50 grams garlic juice, 50 grams onion juice and 125 grams mustard oil and cook on fire. Add 6 grams realgar and 20 grams fine plaster and make paste of it. Put it on the piles and cover it with warts or leaf of warts. It will give you relive.

9.    Juice of rough chaff tree is beneficial in insomnia. A person who does not sleep due to stress, fatigue and irritation they get benefit by taking it.

10.    You can get immediately relief in toothache by chewing rough chaff tree leave mixed with asafetida. It is believe that it also prevents blood coming out of the teeth. Use twig of rough chaff tree on the bleeding from gums, breath or swelling and you get immediate relief.
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