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[Reason] Soak Nuts Before Eating - Health Tips

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Dried fruits are great tonic. They are tonic for the brain and the body. They make them healthy and athletic. If 35 grams of nuts – which has low fat and cholesterol, eat every day then the risk of heart disease reduce.

[Reason] Soak Nuts Before Eating - Health Tips

Often we soaked certain fruits in water before eating them. Do you know the reason behind this? Fitik acid is found in fruits like fine grain that works to protect him from predators and gives chance of ripening. If you eat fruit without soaking then it cannot digest properly.

Acid removes by soaking for few hours and enzymes neutralize. So it is easily digested. Body can also access the vitamins and nutrients from it easily. If you soak nuts in warm water then you can remove its peel easily. If you mix a little salt in the water then enzyme become ineffective.

Another advantage of soaking nuts that is it gets rid of the dust and tannins. Do not use the water which has been use for soak the nuts as it contains deadly substance.

Which nut should soak for how many hours?

Walnuts: 8 hours
Almonds: 12 hours
Pumpkin seeds: 7 hours
Pine nuts: 8 hours
Hazel Nut: 8 hours
Cashew: 6 hours
Linseed seeds: 6 hours
Alfalfa seeds: 12 hours

Note: If you are soaking any nuts for 8 hours then you must have to wash it fresh water.

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