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9 Home Remedies for Arthritis Knee Pain

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People often complain of pain due to climate change, growing age. Joint pain and pain in the body often becomes major obstacle in life. English course can get instant relief from the pain but it has fatal consequences. For thousands of years people have been attempting indigenous formulations to relieve pain. Let us know how tribal adopting herbal formulations and overcome arthritis.

9 Home Remedies for Arthritis Knee Pain

Home Remedies for Arthritis

1. Prepare the powder of the plant called Samudrashok and take 1-3 grams with milk then you can get relief in pain.

2. Take grass, ginger, cinnamon and cloves with the same amount and molasses it with jaggery water. They advice patient to drink this water about 5 ml. It is believed that taking it once a day will vanish joint pain in month.

3. Take 6-7 fresh leaves of night jasmine and crushed with the ginger juice and mix it with honey. Drink this and you will get relief in aches and joint pain. It is believed that you can also get relief in sciatica by taking it.

4. Fry 8-10 garlic buds with oil or melted butter and chewed before eating then you will get relief in joint pain. It should be done every day. Dang, herbal experts of Gujarat believe that crushed garlic buds fried in mustard oil and camphor added. If you massage this oil on joints or pain then you get relief.

5. Take Hog plant, Aaama turmeric and ginger in same amount and boiled in water and drank it. You will get relief in aches and joint pain.

6. You can relief by applying akona or fresh leaves of madar with mustard oil. You must have warmed the mixture before applying on it.

7. Prepare a cup of cinnamon powder and 2 grams powder after morning meal then you can get relief in arthritis. According to tribal Dang, it also has benefits in diabetes. According to tribal, use of cinnamon in food is beneficial to health.

8. Take bitter fruits of rainy days and boiled in salt and thyme water. Drink this mixture and you will get relief in arthritis.

9. some people recommend sarsaparilla tea. Take root of sarsaparilla and 1 cup water and add milk in it. Drink this twice a day and you will get relief in pain.

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