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12 Health Benefits Of Herbs

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Forest dwellers have traditional herbal knowledge for centuries. Over the past decade, modern medical world has started to take seriously. In fact, the conventional wisdom of modern science and the World Health Organization considers 80% people from developing countries rely on conventional wisdom for their primary treatment. Let us know today, some of the major medicinal plants and their properties and use of traditional tribal herbal formulations knowledge about overcoming several diseases.

12 Health Benefits Of Herbs

Evergreen : Keep 2 flowers in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes and drink it when it cold. It is useful in diabetes.

Malabar nut tree: You can get relief in cold and cough by taking 5 ml juice of its leaves. It also helps women in their menstrual cycle.

Black Tulsi or Shyama Tulsi: Take 5-10 leaves and crushed them. Insert its juice into ear and you will get relief in ear pain.

Basil: You can get benefit in indigestion and acidity by chewing basil seeds 2-3 times a day.

Anacyclus Pyrethrum: Keep buds of flowers on the teeth and gum and chew it. You will get immediate relief in pain.

Mint: Crushed mint leaves and mixed with a pinch of camphor and mustard oil. Massage on your back pain and you will get rid from this problem.

Gauti tea, Lemon grass, green tea: Boil leaves in water and take twice a day. It is beneficial in asthma and bronchitis.

Hadjodd: Crushed the plant and apply it on broken bone then it is believed that it repairs the bones.

Asparagus: Take powder of roots (4 gram) with warm milk and you get energy for the body.

Hibiscus: Crushed red flowers and put on the hair. It works like conditioner and prevents from graying.

Ashwagandha: Take roots powder with sugar twice a day and it gives strength and energy to the body.

Rough chaff tree pendant: Roast seeds in a clay pot and chew it. It relieves hunger and helps in weight loss.

Mimosa: Its roots act as tonic. Take 50 grams roots and prepared juice with water and drink it twice a day. It provides strength.

Marigold: Rub the leaves on herpes and itch. You will get relief.

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