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7 Tips for Winter Hair Care - Hair Care Home Remedies

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The winter season has begun. Dandruff problem is quite annoying in this season. Dandruff comes due dry skin and other many reasons. The main reason is fungal infection on the scalp. Other causes are pollution, hormonal disturbances, stress and neurological abnormalities. It is also a growing problem due to hygiene. Let us know some home remedies to get rid of dandruff.

7 Tips for Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care
1. Olive oil has natural properties to cleanse the skin. Dandruff removes easily. Do olive oil massage at least twice a week on the scalp. To make it more effective, wrap a cloth on the head so that they can be absorbed into the skin well.

2. You can get enough Amla in winter. It is beneficial in every way. It strengthens the body from inside. It also gives good effect on the skin. If you want to remove dandruff then eat one raw Amla every day. Apply Amla juice once/twice in a week and wash your hair. Dandruff problem will be removed.

3. Soaked fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Make a paste by grinding them and apply it in your head for half an hour. Then wash with warm water. Do this once a week for a month. Dandruff will be removed.

4. After applying shampoo and conditioner add two or three drops of apple vinegar in water and apply it on your head. There are significant amounts of potassium in vinegar and it is useful in removing dead skin. Avoid chemical vinegar. It does damage.

5. Many people do not put oil in the hair. Dandruff problem increases in the winter due to this. It is good if you cannot apply oil in hair in summer but skin becomes rough in the winter. Therefore it is necessary to put oil in hair. Apply coconut or almond oil before bed and wash it in the morning. Dandruff problem will be resolved.

6. Boil Neem leaves in water for about half an hour. Make paste of it and massage it on your head. Keep it for forty minutes and wash the head with water.

7. Aloe vera has the unique ability to fight bacteria and fungus. It is quite useful to get rid of dandruff. Apply aloe vera gel for nearly forty minutes on the head. Then wash the head with shampoo.

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