Saturday, December 6, 2014

7 Fitness Tips to Keep Joints healthy

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Winter has come and we wish to enjoy it but we cannot take it. The biggest reason is join pain which rises in winter. Joint pain is also a result of wrong eating habits, pollution. Also sitting on the same place in a day. Decrease in mobility is also cause joint pain. But you do not need to bother about joint pain because we tell you measure to avoid this.

7 Fitness Tips to Keep Joints healthy

Joints healthy
Reduce your weight: You have to reduce your weight to avoid joint pain. It affects less on knees, hips and back and you will not bother with arthritis.

Work out: Bones and muscles get strength by doing exercise. Also your blood circulation is good. So you should do exercise daily.

Strengthen the muscles: Joints reserves safe the muscles. If it becomes weak then you may have joint pain. So you must have to make muscles stronger. You have to do weight bearing exercise.

Dietary changes: Make changes to your diet. Take the diet which may not have the uric acid as it is the main reason for joint pain. Take the fruit and vegetables which have pests.

Sit straight: Muscles and bones get stress by sitting down. So you must have to sit straight so stress reduces and there will not pain in joints. To sit down in your muscles and bones have much stress, so it always sits directly reduce stress and pain in joints will not.

Therapeutic Support: If you feel any kind of pain or swelling you must have to take medical advice. You can treat the disease as soon as you know.

Keep track of your joints: If you have joint pain then you have to take extra care while walking or exercise. You have to avoid heavy weights which may impact on your joints.

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