Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why Eating Out is Unhealthy - Home Remedies

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People living in the city like more eating out than homemade food. Sometimes the workload is so much that they do not have the time to cook at home and because of this they eat outside. Many diseases are occur due to dining out regularly and also weaken the body’s resistance.

Why Eating Out is Unhealthy - Home Remedies

Why Eating Out is Unhealthy - Home Remedies
Varieties of impurities are found in outside food as well as they do not use clean water. There is no match between eating outside and homemade food. If you dine out at lunch in the office then you must have to improve this habit because we are going to give you some specific information.

Full of Fat and Calories: Most meals are served in the restaurant are full of fat and plenty of calories. If human regularly eat these then they get obesity and high cholesterol.

Without washed vegetables: Vegetables which are made outside and gravy they are used without washing. As such it is very harmful to your health.

Using dirty Oil: Seller used cheap food and cheap oils frequently to fry things. The oil used to fry the fish they used it for frying papad. You may cause diarrhea or abdominal pain due to consumption of such oils.

Undercooked Meat: Do you know that in due to heavy crowd in big restaurants they cannot prepared meat and fish properly. Bacteria and worms are occurring in undercooked meat which can cause problems in the stomach.

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