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Try This 7 Tips Reduce Salt From Food

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Do you want to reduce salt intake without compromising taste? We tell you seven tips which you can continue to have good health with good taste.

Try This 7 Tips Reduce Salt From Food

Reduce Salt From Food
1. How much amount?

Without knowing the amount you cannot reduce intake of salt. World Health Organization advises daily intake of 5 grams of salt, about 1 tablespoon so if you are trying to reduce salt intake in food then you should think on it. If you want to know about intake of sodium then you can take advice from your doctor.

2. Learn about low-salt recipes
On the internet you can learn about low salt recipes | Nestle also can get information of the low salt recipes | Learn what's best for you, take it and others tell their morning

3. Make the Smart Choice Shopping

Check the product label and find what is your favorite food which has high amount of salt. We offer you our delicious food products as well as Maggi soup and noodles and butoni pizza which has low amount of salt.

4. Make less salt food

We have often said that you should use a pinch of salt but many people like to eat more salt. Why you use double dose of salt? Some foods are good in terms of cooking salt. Salt should not be used as a test booster. It should be used for pleasant and avoid unnecessary use of salt.

5. Be sure to test before putting more spice

Do you need to eat more salt? Many of us add salt because they have habit of putting salt before eating. If you are adding salt in food then at least you should taste it first. It might be delicious without the salt. You may not find much of a big difference.

6. Prefer the taste from less salt

Do not hesitate to reduce salt intake you will soon get used to it. Since 2005, we are using less salt. We are cooperating the customer in altered taste of salt.

7. Embrace the new flavors

Keep in mind that salt is not only the spices. You should keep alternate of salt in your diet and according to the needs use it. Our chefs are using other spices and herbs instead of salt to enhance the flavor at Nestle.

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