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8 Side Effects of Lemons - Home Remedies

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Lemon not only use in India but it is used all over the world same. This citrus fruit is full of many nutritional properties. Neither has it increased cholesterol nor calories. Excessive use of it does not effect on the body but this is considered to be the worse of everything. So today we will show you some of the side effects that may arise from the use of more lime.

8 Side Effects of Lemons - Home Remedies

Side Effects of Lemons
1. Sunburn occurs if you put the lemon on the skin and go out in the sun. Especially for those whose color is lighter. Lemon juice can be applied mix with oil.

2. Lemonade acid affects the tooth enamel when you drink too much lemon water. Teeth become sensitive. You must have to drink it with straw.

3. Test and acidic flours of lemon can effect on ulcers, cut in the mouth, lips or tongue.

4. Ulcer and peptic disease can also occur due to too much intake of citrus.

5. People who have kidney or gall bladder disease they should avoid lemon peel which reduces the calcium in the body.

6. Sometimes shopkeeper use wax on the lemon peels which may have many chemicals. You may have food allergies from this.

7. You may have heartburn or the condition of body decreases due to intake of too much lemon water.

8. In some cases, it has been observed that people who regularly drink lemonade they get more urine problem. So if you become victim of dehydration then you should leave sipping lemonade.

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