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8 Oral Care Mistakes Done By Us - Home Remedies

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We need to take care of our teeth along with our bodies. We have heart it many times but never understood its importance. Some people take care of their teeth but they do not know the right way. Well, this art is very simple and one can achieve perfection in it. For this, you do not need to repeat below mistakes.

8 Oral Care Mistakes Done By Us - Home Remedies

Oral Care Mistakes
1. To Brush before Breakfast: Every time you brush the enamel above teeth slips. Teeth take time to find the armor. If you eat something within 60 minutes to brush then food acids can damage your teeth more.

2. Brushing after Breakfast: Doing brush or rinse immediately after breakfast can damage your teeth. The enamel on the teeth is removed and consequently the bacteria seem to flourish if you do brush immediately after breakfast.

3. Do not brush after eating Sweets: Sugar is a sweet poison which produces chemical changes with acid. Sugar weakens and damages your teeth.

4. Brush Loud: Tongue and gums are cause of funk in the mouth. So you must have to skip rubbing your teeth and start cleaning gums and tongue.

5. Do not brush before Bed: It seems very difficult task to do brush before we sleep at night. This negligence gives an opportunity to bacteria to work for 6-8 hours on teeth.

6. Do not Floss: We completely ignored flossing in teeth. Flossing is very important for our teeth and it slips our food which trapped between teeth. By ignoring flossing the risk of cavities increases on our teeth.

7. Using mouthwashes after eating: We think that the mouthwash rid of mouth funk which is generated after eating. While mouthwash is like an acid which reacts with food which caught in your teeth. Use mouthwash after the 45 minutes of taking the meal. This is a better way to use it.

8. Don’t do regular dental check: You must go to the dentist in every 6 months. Often there are some problems in teeth which we cannot understand and it creates big problems later. We can easily catch with regular checkups and treated in time.

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