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11 Foods which Will Boost your Immunity in Winter

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Winter has begun and now is the time that we have to make stronger immune system. Diseases such as stiffness, fever, colds and flu etc affects due to climate change. People drink hot and sun to keep themselves warm in winter but if you not make your immune system stronger then you may have problems.

11 Foods which Will Boost your Immunity in Winter

Immunity in Winter
You should eat a diet to strengthen your immune system and keep you away from winter cold. Immune system occurring within an organism that is a collection of biological processes which identify pathogens and tumor cells and then kill the organism and protects against diseases.

During the winter you should consumed ginger, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, tea, yogurt, fish and carrots in large quantities. It keeps body hot and helps the body to fight other diseases.

Mushrooms: Agarics, Koriols, Agraskas and Shiitake known as healthy mushrooms. Immune system increase by eating them. It contains extra beta glukon which gives compounds to the immune system.

Garlic: Garlic is considered to rid of from winter. One cannot get cold by eating it. It also fights with infection and virus.

Chicken Soup: Chicken soup is considered very well for fighting cold wave. Intake of a big bowl of chicken soup fills the stomach and also gets relief from cold.

Spinach: Spinach has lot of antioxidant, vitamins and minerals which fix the immune system.

Carrots: Include carrots in your diet in winter. It would destroy the virus which produced in the body.

Cocoa: Raw cocoa beans strengthen immune system. If you eat cocoa flavor chocolate instead of cocoa it will not help at all.

Black Pepper: You should include pepper in your diet to fight with cold, cough etc in winter.

Ginger: We all know how effective ginger is to get rid of from cough-cold. You must have to drink tea which is made from it.

Curd: It has very healthy bacteria which keep your stomach fit. In winter you must have to eat warm yogurt instead of cold yogurt.

Salmon: It is a one kind of fish which has lot of vitamins especially vitamin D. Immune system becomes strong by taking vitamins and it is helpful in fighting all the infection.

Tea: Drink herbal tea in the winter. People who are taking tea in the winter they does not get disease quickly.

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