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10 Health Benefits of Chiretta (Herbal Medicine)

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Chiretta rises in huge amounts in all the provinces of India. Villagers prepare vegetables from their leaves and many people create drink from its seeds. It is available in farm, plains, roadside and forests. It has many medicinal properties. Its botanical name is Kessia Tora.

10 Health Benefits of Chiretta (Herbal Medicine)

Health Benefits of Chiretta
Homemade Remedy of Chiretta: Its leaves are used as greens in tribal areas and it is believed that this vegetable is highly nutritious. Elderly people recommend intake of this vegetable when poisonous insect bites. According to them, it is highly effective to reduce the toxic effect.

To eliminate intestinal worms: Take juice of fresh leaves for 5 days. Worms come out with the feces. Aboriginal children often provide the traditional prescription drugs so that the worms come out.

The leaves and seeds of Chiretta can be used in many diseases such as itch, itching, abdominal cramps and pain etc. Leaves can also be used in cough and injury to eliminate them.

For itch and Rash: Take 10 grams leaves and 4 grams dried seeds. Crushed them and apply it on itch. You will get rid of from any type of bacterial or fungal infection.

You will get earliest relief if you apply its crushed leaves on fode-fushi. If someone has the herpes, itch problem then they can apply its seed after crushing in water. Modern science has proven its anti-bacterial properties.

The albumin portion to connect the bone: Tribal from Patalkot (the viscous fluid inside the egg) applies the chicken eggs with leaves on the broken bones. They believe that it works to join the bone.

The brew is prepared by boiling it seeds and given twice a day to the fever patient. According to tribal, almost 10 grams seeds boiled in 250 ml of water and when it is left half then it is given to the patient.

Leaves for teeth and jaundice: You can get relief in toothache, swollen gums, bleeding etc. by applying leaves on teeth. Crush the fresh leaves and apply its juice on the toothache. You will get relief.

Take 2 gram powder of its seeds and add 250 ml water. Give it to the patient for 1 month at least once a day. According to tribal herbal experts, it is an unsurpassed solution for anemia and blood-related disorders.

Herbal experts, from Dang-Gujarat, give concoction of leaves and seeds to the jaundice patient. They get enough rest as it is given for 15 days 2 times in a day.

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