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5 Health Benefits of Betel Leafs - Ayurveda Remedies

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Leaf has the vine. Pan is famous all over India to serve the guests. Betel leafs use for worship as well as fire etc. Pan is an important drug as part of Indian culture. In rural areas, betel leaves are used as a base for many traditional formulations. Modern research shows that betel leaves has protein, carbohydrates and tannins as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and potassium.

5 Health Benefits of Betel Leafs - Ayurveda Remedies

Betel Leafs
Natural properties of Pan: Body gets energy by eating pan with honey. Those who have complaint of fatigue and sweat they should eat betel leaf twice in a day with honey. It creates rapid transfer of energy in the body and ends fatigue.

Use betel leaves in coughs and colds: You can get relief in colds, coughs and fever by eating betel leaf along with baked piece of turmeric. Additionally, who has more cough problem in night they can eat thyme with betel leaf. If children have effect of winter then you can keep betel leaf with warm mustard oil on the chest to get the rest.

Take 15 betel leaves and 3 cups of water and boil it. Drink this water with honey. You will get rid of from old cough.

To keep skin healthy: Take 8-10 fresh betel leaves and crush it. Boil it in 2 cups of water. Wash your face for 3-4 times in a day. You will get rid of from skin problems and stretch.

Arikolain, which is found in betel leaf, stimulates the body. Those who have complain of snorers at night they should chew betel leaves twice a day.

Swelling on the hands or feet: According to herbal researchers of Patalkot, who has a problem of premature ejaculation they should eat betel leaf with Ashwagandha. Betel leaf has Usenol chemical. Modern research shows that usenol is able to prevent premature ejaculation. Betel leaf juice increases erectile strength.

The swelling of pain which is also called as Angulbell. To get rid of from this problem you can keep warm betel leaves on the finger. According to tribal, you can chew betel leaf when you have sores in the mouth.

On Pyorrhea: If you have complaint of pyorrhea then take pieces of camphor and chew it with betel leaf. Spit it after it. It is important that the peak of Pan will not swallow. It is quite advantage.

Tribal in Patalkot warm mustard oil and keep it on betel leaf. They use this when they have sprain. Take 4 betel leaves and 15 gram onion. Crush them and apply this mixture on injury and infection part. It is quite effective.

A person who has urine passing problem they should drink two boil leaves with milk. It is believed that urine become normal by taking betel leaf.

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