Friday, October 31, 2014

4 Spices that Generate Heat in Winter - Home Remedies

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There is much use of spices in Indian cuisine. Spices not only add taste in the food but also fill heat in body, so we know them hot spices. In recent research found that certain spices have ability to provide some heat in the body. 

4 Spices that Generate Heat in Winter - Home Remedies

Spices that Generate Heat in Winter
Winter is come now so it is good that you put these spices in your tea or take them in your diet. Cloves, cinnamon turmeric etc are easily available in all houses so remove laziness of winter and quickly go into the kitchen to use these materials.

Eat these spices to keep body warm in winter

Cinnamon: The test is sweet and warm. You can use cinnamon by putting in sweets. If you eat cinnamon powder then you may control diabetes 2 and cholesterol.

Clove: It is known to produce heat inside the body. Clove is used more in countries where there is very cold. You can drink it putting in tea.

Ginger: Ginger is very beneficial for cold-cough. Ginger is used from old time to remove throat infection. It also increases the body’s immunity to fight disease.

Turmeric: If you want to keep body warm in winter then drink milk mixed with turmeric. You should drink turmeric milk at night at bedtime or any time in the day. It increases the body’s resistance to disease and does not get cool.

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