Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quit Smoking With Help of Yoga - Yoga Home Remedies

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Everyone is aware of the pitfalls of smoking but all prove extremely helpless to leave the addiction. But recent study showed that yoga is the easier way to get rid of from addiction of smoking. 

Quit Smoking With Help of Yoga

Quit Smoking With Help of Yoga
Yoga expert said yoga is the holistic solution to quit smoking. They also points out that yoga does not only keep people away from smoking but also keeps away body from the side effects.

Many chemical options are available in the market to quit smoking but it is not easy to quit smoking by their support.

The toxic substance which is released from cigarette smoke enters in the body and gradually increases the concentration of blood clots and tends to freeze. It affects blood pressure and heart rate. It also narrows the arteries in the limbs and reduces the amount of oxygen in blood circulation.

Yoga is a good way to avoid the side effects of smoking. Yoga and breathing exercises eliminate the effects of smoking and improve the lung conditions. Meditation and purification of toxic substances helps to energize the body cells.

The intuitive yoga breathing techniques called Pranayama. Pranayama keeps the body completely tight, stress and anxiety free and increases self-confidence.”

Following yoga and Pranayama helps to get rid of smoking addiction.

Yoga: Sarwagasan (shoulder stand), Setu Bhandhasan (Bridge Pose), Bujangashan (Cobra Pose), Shishuasan (Child Pose).

Pranayama: Comfortable Pranayama, Basida Pranayama, Pulse Purification Pranayama (Nostril Breathing Technique).

The World Health Organization (WHO) says about 54 million people die worldwide each year because of tobacco use. Getting an average of one death every six seconds in which almost every tenth person is an adult.

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