Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is Refrigerated Food is Good for Health?

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The importance of fridge increases in the summer. It helps in cold water, juice, ice cream, milk or protects the food. We can also keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Here is some tips to care while you put food in refrigerate.

Is Refrigerated Food is Good for Health?

But it is also true that excessive use of anything is bad. It does not mean that we keep food and drinks in refrigerator and forget them for years. Food can be spoiled if it is put much time in the refrigerator.

So it is very important that we should know what to put in the fridge and for how long. So let us know some important things.

Food in the fridge and Health: When you cook it takes a while and fresh bacteria flourish in it. Just to keep the food in the fridge it spoiled. But this action does not stop.

Eat freshly cooked food: Always eat fresh cooked food. You should make much food as you can eat and does not remain.

If food remains until: If cooked food left then put it in fridge within two hours. This will keep it from getting worse.

Never remain in doubt: When bacteria affect the food then we do not get idea whether the food is healthy or not because its taste and smell remains same. So you should throw the food without any doubt if it from much time.

Type of Food: Every food has its own maintenance. Such as you can keep raw meat and chicken in fridge for 2 days. But you can keep baked food for 3-4 days. It is also applies to milk. You should finish the milk in 1-2 days.

Storage Area: you can stock different foods in different parts in fridge. The back is very cool. So you should keep baked food beside and sauce, pickles and salty food should be kept at the front.

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