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How Vitamin Harm Your Body - Ayurveda Upay

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No doubt vitamins are necessary for your body, but here is some reasons how vitamin also harm your body in such way. Read how Vitamin C, B, A,D, E and K harm your body.

How Vitamin Harm Your Body - Ayurveda Upay

Vitamin Harm Your Body
There are a few vitamins which when taken in excess could be bad for the whole functioning of the body. The following are vitamins that can harm you if taken in large quantities.

For the good growth of the body intake of vitamin is considered quite good. It is required to be supplied nutrients for the development of the body. However, we can take through the diet. There are two types of vitamin; one is fat soluble and second water soluble. 

There is no such vitamins which could damage the body. However, the excessive intake of vitamins can also be dangerous for the body. Let us know about the vitamins which can damage the body if you intake it more.

Vitamin C: This vitamin gives much faster energy to body but you may have vomiting, diarrhea, kidney stones and stomach cramps if you take it more. It also occurs when you intake too much zinc.

Vitamin B: The body needs this vitamin very less but if you take it more then you may have nerves problems.

Vitamin A and D: This is a fat soluble vitamin and if you take it more than problem of birth defects arises. Body does not digest it easily.

Vitamin E and K: Bleeding increases if you take it in much amount. Vitamin K reduces blood or blood turns thick if you intake it more.

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